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Proud Silver Medallist in Sustainability Efforts 

September 11, 2023

Ecovadis business sustainability ratings
Ecovadis business sustainability ratings

Turnmill Group has been awarded a silver medal by Ecovadis for our sustainability efforts this year. Their assessment covers aspects such as the environment, working conditions, business responsibility and ethics, as well as sustainable procurement. The Ecovadis method is based on internationally accepted sustainability reporting principles such as GRI (Global Reporting Initiative), the UN's Global Compact, and ISO:26000.  We thank you for the medal and now aim for the gold medal next year! 

In today’s society, sustainability and responsible business practices are central concerns. We at Turnmill Group strive to improve our sustainability profile and demonstrate our commitment to the environment, working conditions, business responsibility, and ethics. A key player in certifying and evaluating sustainability efforts is Ecovadis. Below, we describe what Ecovadis is and how their evaluation system works. 

What is Ecovadis?

Ecovadis is a reputable evaluation system specialized in assessing companies’ sustainability efforts. By using a comprehensive method and a standardized assessment process, Ecovadis can evaluate companies’ efforts in the areas of the environment, working conditions, business responsibility, ethics, and sustainable procurement. Conducting an Ecovadis assessment allows companies to gain a clear picture of their sustainability profile and identify areas where they can improve. 


One of the most prestigious accolades that Ecovadis offers is their Sustainability Gold Medal and Certificate. This certification recognizes companies that achieve a high standard of sustainability work and demonstrates their commitment to positive societal development. Obtaining this certification is a testament to a company’s credibility and seriousness regarding sustainability matters. 

Ecovadis Evaluation System

The Ecovadis evaluation system is built around several key aspects of sustainability. Below is an overview of the areas that Ecovadis assesses: 

1. Environment

Ecovadis evaluates companies’ performance and efforts related to environmental impact. This includes factors such as a company’s carbon emissions, energy consumption, water usage, and waste management. By assessing companies’ environmental impact, Ecovadis can encourage more sustainable operations. 

2. Working Conditions

Another crucial aspect that Ecovadis evaluates is companies’ working conditions. This includes assessments of the working environment, labor rights, gender equality, and diversity. By evaluating working conditions, Ecovadis can contribute to ensuring a fair and inclusive workplace. 

3. Business Responsibility and Ethics

Ecovadis also assesses companies’ business responsibility and ethics. This includes evaluations of how companies handle corruption, human rights, business ethics, and integrity. By evaluating business responsibility and ethics, Ecovadis can promote responsible and ethical business practices. 

4. Sustainable Procurement

Sustainable procurement is a significant part of the Ecovadis evaluation system. By assessing companies’ procurement processes and supplier management, Ecovadis can promote sustainable procurement decisions and help reduce negative environmental impacts and risks in the supply chain. 

The Future of Ecovadis Certification

For Turnmill Group, Ecovadis certification is a crucial part of our sustainability strategy. By obtaining an Ecovadis certification, we can demonstrate our commitment to sustainability and our efforts to improve our sustainability profile. As sustainability issues become increasingly important in today’s society, Ecovadis certification is a significant marker for us as a company as we strive to be sustainable and responsible. By undergoing an Ecovadis assessment and obtaining certification, we can showcase our commitment to sustainability and contribute to positive societal development. Now, we are aiming for the gold medal and further strengthening our sustainability efforts!