Machining Excellence made easy

A modern industrial company in continuous development

December 20, 2023

Since the fall of 2021, TurnMill Group has actively participated in Produktionslyftet, a national program aimed at strengthening the industry’s ability for renewal and improvement. We understand that rapid technological advancements and changing societal demands create both opportunities and challenges for all businesses, which is why we chose to be part of this project.

David Andersson from Produktionslyftet has been TurnMill Group’s main coach during the program, coaching both the CEO and individual employees.

Produktionslyftet is about developing the personnel and individuals to achieve our goals within the organization and maximize effectiveness. We have worked on everything from project audits and certification to daily management.

David further elaborates that everything has been based on four different perspectives: what the customers want, what the owners want, what the employees want, and what society wants. Since 2021, he has spent up to 350 hours on-site in Finspång to assist and support the organization. CEO of TurnMill Group, Sargon Chanko, shares his and the other employees experience during the project:

The significant impact of participating in Produktionslyftet is that we have created a culture within our walls that constantly strives for improvements and recognizes that everything can be done a bit better. We are now a company in constant change and working on efficiency at all levels. During the project, we even recorded setup times and delved into the smallest details to find efficiencies.

TurnMill Group is proud to be one of the over 300 companies that have participated in Produktionslyftet, and we can confidently say that the effects of our participation are well-documented and something we continue to work on. The program has contributed to strengthening our competitiveness and sustainability and has previously received recognition from companies, authorities, and other stakeholders as a successful and reputable initiative.

We now have a more standardized way of working where we continuously measure deviations. Furthermore, we work with daily management in a better way, with a new attitude that means there is always something to improve.

As a modern industrial company, TurnMill Group will continuously work on efficiencies and improvements in the future, with owners, employees, customers, and our society as stakeholders that are important to us.