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Our Offer

We offer specialized low volume manufacturing, service and projects to high volume manufacturing.

Our mission in machining and manufacturing is to create new solutions for our customer’s value chains that will contribute to an increased differentiation, growth and profitability.

Differentiated Production

High and low volume production, or precision machine, we are the experts.

Raw Material Specialists

Daily usage of raw materials such as Nimonic, Nilomag, Inconel, Hastelloy and Nitronic.

Manufacturing Capability

With a wide range and quantity of machines we solve your demands!

Network-Based Prodution System

The production utilizes all available capacity within the group no matter who your supplier is.

Our view is that high quality does not have to drive costs for the customer.

TurnMill Group achieves this with our network-based production system where high availability, high skills and true flexibility creates a low cost through efficient management processes.

Certified ISO 9001:2015 – ISO 14001:2015

High volume

Advanced Precision Machining

Fast Track

High volume - low mix


Low volume - high mix

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