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Turnmill Group is a partner of Giving People

May 24, 2023

Giving People
Giving People

Turnmill Group and Giving People are working together to make a difference for vulnerable children and families with children. Together we fight against exclusion, hunger and inequality.

Strengthen Communities through collaborations

Turnmill Group has chosen to support Giving People’s work to strengthen society and improve lives, and especially vulnerable families with children.

Giving People is a humanitarian organization that addresses social problems such as poverty and hunger, and wants to create opportunities for a more just society.

Turnmill Group shares Giving People’s commitment to families with children, and therefore it felt natural to become a partner.

"As a company, you can't be involved in everything when it comes to supporting social projects, but supporting Giving People felt right. Much because of their work against child poverty in Sweden. No one can do everything, but everyone can do something."

Discover more

Visit the Giving People website to learn more about their work and projects.

Turnmill Group and Giving People exemplify the power of collaboration to address social challenges.