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Proud partner of the ”Trafikkalendern”

October 18, 2023

Proud partner of the ”Trafikkalendern”
Proud partner of the ”Trafikkalendern”

Turnmill Group is a proud partner of ”Trafikkalendern”, Sweden's leading educational resource for children's traffic safety.

For 33 years, Trafikkalendern (The traffic calendar) has inspired schools to integrate traffic-related topics as a significant part of sustainable learning. Their materials cover subjects such as traffic safety, the environment, and health. For students and teachers in Sweden, from preschool to grade 6, ”Trafikkalendern” offers free access to educational materials to teach children about traffic safety.

These material are available in both print and digital formats, making them easy to use. The idea behind the material is to make traffic education fun and engaging for both students and teachers.

Together with other local businesses and the municipality of Finspång, our partnership means that students in Finspång are offered these materials free of charge. Our commitment, along with others, enhances traffic safety in children’s immediate surroundings, by helping to distribute important information about their vulnerability in traffic. Together, we work towards a safer and more sustainable future.

For more information, please visit Trafikkalendern’s website