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Investing in the future with a new CEO and board

June 17, 2022

Sargon Chanko
Sargon Chanko

TurnMill Group, which includes Finspångs Finmekaniska, gathers strength for the future with a new CEO, new board competence and updated names for the group's companies.

The new CEO from 30 May 2022 is Sargon Chanko. Sargon comes most closely from Nordic Brass and has long leadership experience in the manufacturing industry.

"I look forward to leading the business forward. The world offers uncertainty and it is important that the Swedish manufacturing industry is strong and competitive."

At the same time, the business is updating its board work and has appointed Jan-Peder Dareus as board member and Johanna Palmér as chairman of the board.

Jan-Peder Dareus has an entire professional life behind him in the manufacturing industry both in Sweden and abroad. Johanna Palmér is a professional board worker and has a background as CEO of the Eastern Swedish Chamber of Commerce.

"This is a company that I have known since 1976, when I started at Stal Laval in Finspång. It has had a good development which will be interesting to follow more closely and also contribute to."

"I thank you for the trust to lead the board's work and the change journey for the group. TurnMill is both a long-established company and a modern production unit with great value for customers both in our vicinity and in Sweden and abroad. I look forward to being involved in facing the future in the best possible way."

The owner of TurnMill Group and associated companies since 2015 is Alexander Yavuz.

"I am happy and grateful to increase the speed together with a new CEO and new board. We have fantastic opportunities to grow in the current market situation. We will also gather the various companies around the name TurnMill, which makes it easier for both customers, suppliers and employees."

For more information and questions:
Sargon Chanko, CEO, 070-744 77 79